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  • Age: 15
  • Real Name: frank
  • Clan Rank: Site Member
  • Location:
  • Fav Map: 22ndsiegeserver
  • Fav Weapon: musket
  • Fav Player: myself
  • Quote: ""
  • Most Hated: noobs
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  • Member since: 09:36 03/09/10
  • Last online: 09:45 03/09/10
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Personal Biography

Nationality: Netherlands

Name in Warband: Ladyhanna

Age: 15

Do you agree to check the forums on a regular basis to keep up to date with news? yes

Can you regularly attend clan trainings at 6pm(British time) Wednesdays and Saturdays?

Steam friends name: (you login name on steam, we use steam to keep in touch so you need it)

Have you been a member of any other Warband clans? If so, why did you leave? cause they noobs I leaved tkov cause they are nooobs

How did you learn about the 22nd Battalion?: (Who told you about it?) I like it uhm uhm I like it

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best and 1 the worst) how would you rate your Warband skills? (explain your answer)
normal not good not bad yust normal
In general how often do you play Warband?

What are the main reasons for you wanting to join 22nd?
its the best caln ever seen
Do you have a microphone? no

Please fill out every space and post it in a new topic.
Before you will be accepted you must attend two trainings in which you will be preliminarily evaluated. If you are successful you will gain the peasant rank, at which point this thread will be updated with your acceptance. If you then prove yourself to potentially be a valuable member of our team you will become a full member with the militia rank.